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Find Your Purpose in Life
Through Deep Connection to the Wisdom of Your Womb

Join us for a 1-hour workshop to connect deeper to your Womb Wisdom

through Tao Tantric Arts Practices!

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Are you longing to find your unique mission in life?


Did you know that connecting to your womb through certain practices can give you all

guidance you are longing for? 

Are you ready to (re) connect to the source of infinite wisdom that lies inside of you? 

Are you ready to tap into your ancestral wisdom that also comes. through deep womb connection? 

Did you know that your womb is directly connected to your vocal chords and your authentic expression in the world? 

Are you ready to learn the art of sublimating sexual energy to enhance your authentic expression?


If you resonate with these feelings, you're not alone, and you've landed at the perfect spot.


In this introduction live workshop, I'll be unveiling the ancient art of tao tantric arts and how to connect to the wisdom of your womb. Through that you will be able to directly connect to your higher wisdom and guidance towards your souls purpose.

Step into a your authentic, empowered self sister!

Let's rise together in radiance! 

In this Workshop We Will Cover

Tao Tantric
Arts Practices

Ovarian Breathing to unlock your creative fire and gifts.


Three gates Breathing to activate your pelvic floor and sexual energy.

Honey Pot Meditation to de-armour and resensitize your womb and yoni.

The Womb

You will learn about the importance of cultivating a deep and nourishing relationship with your womb.

As well as shamanic rituals that allow you to stay connected with her.

Sublimation of Energy and Unlocking Your Throat Chakra

Learn to circulate your sexual energy and open your throat chakra to give your womb a voice.

Your womb holds infinite wisdom about your purpose and ancestral wisdom.


She will guide you towards your true mission in life.

Workshop Details


33 Euro



75 minutes

10am Berlin, 5pm Bali 


Live Online via Zoom

What to Bring?
A curious and open heart


“Thank you for all your knowledge, your wisdom and your powerful techniques.. i am deeply touched."


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart without you and your work, I have felt such a deep connection to my womb after your workshops, and my period cramps are non existent!" 


“Wow.. i connected to my grandmothers wisdom in an incredible way.. it opened up a portal of wisdom i could have never imagined!"

Embrace the Power of Unity
and Sisterhood. 

Reserve Your Spot and tap into your true souls mission in sisterhood!

If you want to dive deeper join our 7 day Bali Priestess Training 17.-23.02.2024

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