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Awaken Your Divine Feminine Leadership



Mother Earth is calling us.

Priestesses, as guardians of the earth, deeply in tune with the cycles of nature,

to step into our leadership now.

A Priestess bridges the physical and spiritual worlds through intuition and inner wisdom. She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, honouring both feminine and masculine principles.

In her community she creates spaces that allow us to experience divinity of life.

A Priestess role conducts rituals in her daily life, acting as a Leader, Teacher, and Ceremonialist in the evolving paradigm we collectively birth. As women embrace authenticity, courage, and vulnerability to share their gifts, they create a new template for growth, healing, and balance within themselves, 

nature, and the collective.

In this training you will experience and learn to lead circles, ceremonies, and practices that deepen the connection to the Divine Feminine within. 

Join a global movement of Divine Feminine Leaders that will birth many conscious communities deeply in tune with mother earth and our intuitive nature. Through that we are initiating a new paradigm that unite and guide our communities back into abundance, peace and harmony for the world. 

Deep Dive


Bali is a magical place for healing and nourishment. Blessed by the medicine of this land, we will dive deep into our annual women's circle facilitator training in Bali.

During this immersion you will receive a profound initiation by diving deep into the feminine mysteries and priestess arts with Jenny Jessen and her team.


You will experience what it feels like to be safe and fully nourished in your body.

Through sacred rituals & ceremonies, somatic work, Qi Gong, and Yoga, we will clear traumas and stagnation in your field, so you can expand into your full potential.

Our Priestess Initiations are life-changing and function as a rite of passage for your sovereignty.

We invite you to a temple space that allows you to heal on many different layers.

The practices and the rituals that we offer, help you to fully release what is standing in your way to show your true nature to this world. 

Through deepening the connection with your feminine essence, your life will flow with more ease and grace.

This is an initiation into learning how to nourish yourself and how to be held by a circle of women.

A journey of deep womb healing and womb blessing ceremonies that will leave you feeling revitalized and deeply connected to your sensuality.

Our days are filled with healing arts and nourishment, but also theory, practicums and business teachings that will allow you to step into your leadership as a priestess. 

The vision behind this training is that we will birth many new transformational community ceremonies, womb healing and women's circles in the world.

Study the Art of Devotional
Ceremonial Temple Arts with Us.


Why Would You Join?

   Deepen your own spirituality and become initiated into Priestess Arts:

  • Learn to offer ceremonies, rituals, breathwork and sacred dance journeys

  • Become empowered to be a trauma informed facilitator

  • Become empowered to step into role of a priestess and feminine embodied leadership

  • Learn to work with your own inner feminine and inner masculine and learn the secret arts of inner alchemy practices. 

  • Healing the inner child/integrate shadow aspects

  • Step into your sovereign and sensual self

  • Heal your womb and awakening your sensual femininity

  • Heal trauma that is stored in the womb

  • Connect deeply to your voice and authentic self

  • Become empowered into your true gifts, talents and your unique medicine for the world

What Will You Learn? 

  • Fundamentals of Priestess Arts

  • Basics of Tao Tantric Arts

  • Ritual Arts

  • Cultural Anthropology of Women's Circles

  • Elemental Magic

  • The Art of an Altar

  • Ceremonial Arts

  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies (Cacao/Blue Lotos)

  • How to host Community Ceremonies, Women's Circles, Womb Healing Ceremonies

  • Sacred Priestess Dance

  • Breathwork Journeys

  • How to work with Deities/Goddesses

  • Basics of Tantra

  • How to awaken the wisdom of our wombs

  • How to initiate Rite of Passages

  • Tao of Business

  • Feminine spiritual practices 

  • Basics of energy medicine

  • Inner Alchemy Practices

  • Emotional Release Practices

  • Trauma Theory Basics

  • Medicine Music and Chants

  • Gestalt Therapy Basics


• Deep nourishment, deep healing;

connection with your femininity

• Sisterhood for life;

• Readiness to dive deeper into your spiritual path and leadership

• Healing emotional issues in a safe and compassionate space;

• Healing from sexual trauma and a new sense 

of connecting to your sensuality

• Empowering practices that allow you to stand in your power and sovereignty;

• Voice healing and opening to share your authentic expression; 

• Fundamental knowledge, theory and practices about how to create transformational ceremonies that will heal and empower your community

• Fundamental knowledge how to guide womb healing ceremonies, 1 : 1 session (basics of gestalt therapy), rite of passages, breathwork journeys and different types of sacred dance journeys

• Fundamental knowledge about priestess arts, tao tantric arts, rite of passages and ritual arts


• A 50 pages priestess arts manual written by Jenny that will be the source of your future ceremonies and retreats

• A once in a lifetime immersion into the magic and healing of Bali and the power of sisterhood