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Discover the Art of Women Circles:
The Pathway to Empowerment

Join us for a 1-hour workshop to learn the basics how to lead your women's circle! 

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Gain Confidence in Hosting a Circle

Do you feel the call to empower and connect with other women?

Do you often sense there's a deeper connection and community waiting for you,

but don't know how to cultivate it?

Are you looking to harness the power of women circles to build understanding, trust, and growth amongst peers?


If you resonate with these feelings, you're not alone, and you've landed at the perfect spot.


In this introduction live workshop, I'll be unveiling the ancient art of hosting women circles, the challenges many face in establishing them, and how to seamlessly orchestrate circles that foster a space of true empowerment and unity.

Step into a world where women circles become the cornerstone of sisterhood,

strength, and shared wisdom.

Let's rewrite the narrative together!

In this Workshop We Will Cover

Workshop Details


33 Euro



75 minutes

10am Berlin, 5pm Bali 


Live Online via Zoom

What to Bring?
A curious and open heart


“Thank you for all your knowledge, your wisdom and your powerful techniques.. i am deeply touched."


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart without you and your work, I would have never held my first women's circle with 13 sisters- just 3 months after receiving the vision for it."


“I am just blown away how deep, healing and connecting a women's circle with this method can be."

Embrace the Power of Unity
and Sisterhood. 

Reserve Your Spot and Begin Your Journey in Hosting Women Circles.

If you want to dive deeper join our 7 day Bali Priestess Training 17.-23.02.2024

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