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Stella Ismene

Stella Ismene is a multidisciplinary artist and channel - weaving within the unfolding fabric of collective consciousness.

The study of art turned into the path of her soul, leading directly to Latin- and Southamerica, where different teachers guided her in the remembrance of energetic science, ancestral traditions and vibrational medicine.

Stella now works as a channel, holding space for individuals & groups in their own unique path of evolution. Currently she is offering “Solar Transmissions”, which are free monthly group sessions to accompany the shifting of ages.

Stella co-founded Biocenosis, - an agroforestry project for cultural, economic and ecological regeneration, which is located in the highland jungle of México. 

The regenerative activism is a central role in her service, forming also part of the international network of water guardians, Mujer Canal de Luz.

Stellas’s artistic expression is a multidimensional celebration of life, a living organism, that resides in paintings, sound currents, murals and books. 

Her passion for the creative process turned into a series of workshops, which facilitate the expansion of one’s creative genius & inherent wisdom.



Soul Reading - 

This channeling is dedicated to the blossoming of your soul's journey. 

Love, intelligence, action. 

Together we connect with the inherent wisdom that resides within the heart, supporting the unfolding of your unique path. The work is guided by the intelligence of nature, your own soul and the teachers that accompany us. The information that is revealed is in service for the highest good ~ a life filled with abundance, love and purpose. 

Each session is a specific support for the current moment of evolution and may hold space for cleansing, reprogramming, activations, soul retrievals, alignments and integration.

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