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Online Event

New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Every New and Full Moon

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New and Full Moon Ceremonies
New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online Event

About the Event

A live online sound journey into a meditative state and storytelling of native indigenous wisdom.

It is known in the ancient science of indigenous around the world that full Moon and new Moon are moments of inflection, where there is a change of light and therefore too of internal energies. Recognizing our spirit, our energy, in new Moon and full Moon, is recognizing our strengths in darkness and in light.  Ceremonies are memorable celebrations. Moon Ceremonies are organic opportunities to remember information that lies within ourselves since ever, they remind us of our nature cycles. Inner and external ones. Moon Ceremonies are for our ancient traditional families and still for us today, a way to connect to our nature and to the spirit of mother-father, Chiwayapabi,  of everything that is.


-shared native wisdom

-awakening intuition

-sound healing journey


-Understanding of our internal cycles/moods/energies

-Reduce anxiety -Increase clarity in our life purpose

-Increase patience

-Balances internal energies

-Builds resilience

-Increases our levels of self awareness and consciousness

-Gives us tools to leave our mind aside and connect to our intuition

-Connect to like-minded people -Seed the new humanity and new agreements

Love to all!

Fie nzhinga fie! Thank you!

Felipe - Sonido Sur

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suggested donation: 15€

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