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Welcome Sister,

We are super excited that you are joining us as an assistance for our urban retreat in Berlin. 

We would like to clarity that what we require as assistance for our retreat are light tasks for example:

Assistant 1+2: Temple Service

  • smuding participants, 

  • taking care of the space: temperature, opening windows for fresh air

  • candles, sound, cushions, yoga matts

  • altar and ritual set up, decoration, flowers

Assistant 3+4: Kitchen angels

  • Food: for example bringing a big pot of soup/stew as contribution 

  • warming up food, preparing/cleaning dishes

What the required assistance is not: 

holding space for processes that come up with the participants.

As the assistance task are very light, you'll still be able to drop deep in the processes that we offer, which is why we created the reduced assistance fee of 399 €.

You are able to pay in rates or in the full amount.

To pay in full use the code "HELPINGANGEL" in the registration.



To pay in rates please register below




Assisting spaces is such a valuable task, as you get to learn a lot about how to set up sacred and safe spaces. 

We are excited to hear from you,

please reach out if you have any questions.

Jenny and Marie

Aeracura Collective

Best Value

Tao Tantric Arts Retreat Assistance



Every month

Valid for 4 months

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