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Deep Dive


Dear Sister,

We warmly invite you to the Temple of Shakti, a sanctuary designed to nourish your feminine soul and sensuality within a supportive sisterhood. Join us for a transformative 3-day urban retreat, where we delve deeply into the anatomy of feminine pleasure, engage in tantric rituals honoring your womb, and practice energy medicine to awaken your life force.

Are You Ready to Embrace Your Womb and Yoni as Sacred?

Through ceremonial arts and rituals, we honor and awaken the yoni. Our retreat is dedicated to cultivating your inner radiance and allowing your feminine energy to flourish. Here, you'll find a safe space to share your vulnerability, resolve emotional issues, and strengthen your connection to your sexuality.

Why Join Us?

Immerse yourself in the Tao Tantric Arts and leave feeling:

-Enlivened by the incredible sensations your body can experience.

-Empowered with the knowledge and practices to maintain that feeling.

-Nourished by a loving community of women.

-Energized through practices that expand your energy field for more pleasure, joy, and ecstasy.

This deep exploration of our temple arts is ideal for those with some prior experience in women’s circles.

Our Women's empowerment events are life changing and function as a rite of passage for your sovereignty.

We invite you to a temple space that allows you to heal on many different layers.

Through deepening the connection with your feminine essence, your life will flow with more ease and grace.

This is an initiation into learning how to nourish yourself and how to be held by a circle of women.



Learning about the ancient traditions of Tantra and Taoism, rich with millennia-old wisdom on cultivating, activating, and integrating our sensual energy and pleasure into daily life.

We believe in the power of experiential learning. After exploring the science and theory, we'll engage in somatic practices and energy medicine to elevate our pleasure and sensuality.

This gentle and non-intrusive process will provide you with tools to enhance your day-to-day life, shedding blocks and shame around feminine pleasure, rewriting your pleasure story, and reconnecting with your unique delight.

The Outcome:


-True Sovereignty, Aliveness, and Power

- Deep nourishment, deep healing;

connection with your femininity

-Sisterhood for life;

-Readiness to dive deeper into your spiritual path; a deep remembrance of your divinity

-Healing emotional issues in a safe and compassionate space;

- Healing from sexual trauma and a new sense 

of connecting to your sensuality

-Simple take home practices that allow you to continuing your journey;

-These practices will make your full being feel alive, full of pleasure and desire to say 100% yes to life.

Program Outline


What's Included:

  • Creating the Field: Establishing agreements, grounding, and connection.

  • Sensual Education: Exploring the female anatomy of pleasure and the biochemistry of arousal.

  • Raising the Fire: Utilizing Tao tantric tools to enhance pleasure.

  • De-conditioning Practice: Releasing shame and blocks around pleasure.

  • Scrap the Script: Rewriting your pleasure narrative.

  • Integration and Closing: Ensuring a holistic and meaningful conclusion.


  • Tantric rituals and sacred femininity practices.

  • Basics of Tao Tantric Arts.

  • Intimate, mindful, and conscious encounters and touch.

  • The Wheel of Consent.

  • Womb healing ceremony and Yoni Puja.

  • Introduction to Yoni egg practice for at-home use.

Note: Our retreat will be mostly held in english. However if your english skills are basic - there will be german translation and we will make sure you will be able to follow our journey.

Please reach out if you have any questions for a discovery call.

Afternoon Light
"A holistic future and wellbeing starts with women having healthy and strong wombs. Feeling strongly anchored and connected to their womb, hearts and voice. When women connect and heal in circles together- the earth heals."


Our Shakti Temple will take place at the beautiful nest in Uhu - a healing arts hub in Berlin. We will have the whole location for ourselves to feel save and have enough space to recharge and integrate our initiations. 


Your Facilitators

Jenny Jessen has been devoting the last seven years of her life into deep studies of cultural anthropology, energy medicine and healing arts. She is a guide for transformational experiences, ceremony, ritual and sacred femininity arts. Her approach is always artistic and intuitive based on her background as a performer and artist. In Ceremony she connects ancient ritual art with yogic, egyptian, daoist and shamanic approaches. Her focus lays on women's empowerment in one on one mentoring as well as training women how to facilitate women's circles themselves. 

Jenny has been hosting Community Ceremonies around the globe - in Greece, India, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Bali for Festivals and Retreats for four years.

Marie is an osteopathic body therapist, women’s health expert, and yoga & tantra teacher. With her extensive expertise and compassionate presence, she creates nurturing spaces for individuals to reconnect with their bodies, embrace their sexuality, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. She merges modern science with ancestral traditions to offer a holistic approach to self-realization. Through personalized sessions, trainings, lectures, and interactive workshops, Marie encourages individuals to embrace the full spectrum of life’s experiences with trust and reverence. She loves immersing herself in nature and is often accompanied by her sweet dog, Ares, her beloved companion.



“Thank you Jenny for creating such a sacred space, where everyone can feel safe to share the deepest experiences and for the opportunity of being such a support one for each other in the healing and self discovery process. By creating awareness in our bodies, the sense of togetherness, connecting at the higher vibrational level, to support each other in every process that it might take place, but also having the space to immerse yourself into the healing process is something that the modern world needs more and this is what Jenny facilitate through her women circles. Besides her pure healing energy, it’s much more than that, it’s ancient wisdom, it’s art, creativity and empowerment.” I couldn’t be anything, but grateful to meet such beautiful souls and to integrate some techniques in my daily routine.”



Price &

Payment Plans


What’s Included:

  • Friday afternoon & Full Saturday and Sunday

  • Lunch on Satuday and Sunday


Starting a 629 €

Best Value

Tao Tantric Arts Retreat



Every month

Valid for 3 months

Best Value

Tao Tantric Arts Retreat



Every month

Valid for 6 months

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