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Deep Dive


During this immersion you will receive a profound initiation by diving deep into the feminine mysteries with Jenny Jessen and her team.


You will experience what it feels like to be safe and fully nourished in your body.

Through sacred rituals & ceremony, somatic work and Yoga, we will clear traumas and stagnation in your field, so you can expand into your full potential.

Our Women's empowerment events are life changing and function as a rite of passage for your sovereignty.

We invite you to a temple space that allows you to heal on many different layers.

The practices and the rituals that we offer, help you to fully release what is standing in your way to show your true nature to this world. 

Through deepening the connection with your feminine essence, your life will flow with more ease and grace.

This is an initiation into learning how to nourish yourself and how to be held by a circle of women.

A journey of deep womb healing and womb blessing ceremonies that will leave you feeling revitalized and deeply connected to your sensuality.

• Do you want to learn about navigating this world through tapping into your feminine energy?

• Do you find yourself struggling with living in your head a lot?

• Are you craving for more connection with your body?

• Are you craving for a shift and change in your life?

• Are you sometimes struggling with the feeling of not being good enough?

• Do you feel like it’s difficult to set boundaries?

• Are you longing for deep nourishment?

• Are you ready to express yourself authentically on every level?


IF YES..  

then this transformational journey is for you.


• Deep nourishment, deep healing;

connection with your femininity

• Sisterhood for life;

• Readiness to dive deeper into your spiritual path; a deep remembrance of your divinity

• Healing emotional issues in a safe and compassionate space;

• Healing from sexual trauma and a new sense 

of connecting to your sensuality

• Empowering practices that allow you to stand in your power and sovereignty;

• Voice healing and opening to share your authentic expression; 

• Simple take home practices that allow you to continuing your journey;

• These practices will make your full being feel alive, full of pleasure and desire to say 100% yes to life.

Program Outline


First day: Arrival Day -

Earth Element

  • Grounding into our Space

  • Opening Ceremony


Second day :  Silent Day -

Water Element

  • Opening the channels

  • Healing emotional issues in a safe space 

  • Releasing and Forgiving


Third day: Igniting your inner fire -

Fire Element

  • Tapping into your essence 

  • Expanding your field and confidence

  • Owning your power and boundaries

Fourth day: Closing Ceremony -

Air Element

  • Opening your heart to self love 

  • Trusting your voice

  • New sense of safety in your body 

  • Surrendering to higher love

Our days also involve: 

  • Singing Circles, Fire Ceremonies, Womb Clearing and Blessing Ceremony, Daily Yoga and Qi Gong, Trauma Release Practices, Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, Daoist Meditations and Massage, Blue Lotos Ceremony, Introduction to Tao Tantric Arts, Sauna, Nature Walks, Time to integrate

Note: Our retreat will be mostly held in english. However if your english skills are basic - there will be german translation and we will make sure you will be able to follow our journey.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Afternoon Light
"A holistic future and wellbeing starts with women having healthy and strong wombs. Feeling strongly anchored and connected to their womb, hearts and voice. When women connect and heal in circles together- the earth heals."


We are hosted in a farmhouse with Italian flair in the middle of nature. Meditative tranquility can be found in this lovingly restored farmhouse on the outskirts of Brandenburg. You can reach the town by train from Berlin (1 1/2 hours) or by car (110 km from Berlin).


A cozy living room with a wood-burning stove and a large studio space, which offers enough space for our daily workshops.

The house has two floors, which accommodate a total of three separate bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms are furnished with two single beds each, while the third bedroom holds a double bed. In the open attic you will find two more single beds. The garden pergola offers us a beautiful space for a particularly Italian family atmosphere. We offer the comfort bedrooms in the main house and the second house offers a more basic accommodation which is suitable if you are on a budget.

Between the stable building and the barn you will find the farm's own outdoor sauna (extra fee). Afterwards you can cool down under the garden shower directly in front of the entrance. Retreat and relaxation promises the veranda with direct view of grazing horses, sheep and the gently buzzing Carnic bees. (be aware of allergies). In our free integration time you can rent a bicycle and have a swim in the lake close by. 

The prices includes daily and nourishing vegetarian food. A delicious brunch, snacks available during the whole day and dinner.

Your Facilitator

Jenny Jessen has been devoting the last seven years of her life into deep studies of cultural anthropology, energy medicine and healing arts. She is a guide for transformational experiences, ceremony, ritual and sacred femininity arts. Her approach is always artistic and intuitive based on her background as a performer and artist. In Ceremony she connects ancient ritual art with yogic, egyptian, daoist and shamanic approaches. Her focus lays on women's empowerment in one on one mentoring as well as training women how to facilitate women's circles themselves. 

Jenny has been hosting Community Ceremonies around the globe - in Greece, India, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Bali for Festivals and Retreats for four years.


“Thank you Jenny for creating such a sacred space, where everyone can feel safe to share the deepest experiences and for the opportunity of being such a support one for each other in the healing and self discovery process. By creating awareness in our bodies, the sense of togetherness, connecting at the higher vibrational level, to support each other in every process that it might take place, but also having the space to immerse yourself into the healing process is something that the modern world needs more and this is what Jenny facilitate through her women circles. Besides her pure healing energy, it’s much more than that, it’s ancient wisdom, it’s art, creativity and empowerment.” I couldn’t be anything, but grateful to meet such beautiful souls and to integrate some techniques in my daily routine.”


Price & Payment


What’s Included:

  • Four day journey

  • Food and accommodation 

  • Single, double or triple occupation



Starting a 569 €

Pricing depends on accommodation

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