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This is a Aeracura Collective Retreat program, and it is a foundational requirement that you are able to take responsibility for your own experience. This includes taking responsibility for all of the risks associated with attending a live retreat, such as travel, illness, Acts of God, and other unpredictable incidents. We ask each of you to research all the risks involved and to mitigate these risks through informed decision-making.

We at Aeracura Collective are here to deliver a retreat experience to you, but we are not responsible for any events that might happen to you before, during, or after the training, such as illness or loss of personal belongings. Please take all appropriate precautions that you would normally take when traveling alone.

As you know, we ask you to minimize risk for the entire group by avoiding large events or new intimate encounters in the week prior to meeting other participants (including any pre-retreat gatherings).

In an emergency, Aeracura Collective may have to make decisions based on local authority regulations, the needs of the group, and the highest risk factors involved. For example, someone with an infectious illness may be asked to stay in their room and not participate in group activities. While we cannot detail every possible scenario, please understand and accept that we reserve the right to make decisions for the wellbeing of the entire group. This means you accept the risk that if you become ill during the training, you may have to miss parts of the retreat or withdraw completely. There will be no refund for the retreat if you need to withdraw, but we will consider each case individually to minimize losses. Please understand there are no guarantees.

Self-responsibility also extends to your emotional experiences. We aim to create a field of love, connection, warmth, and joy. However, your emotional state is ultimately your own responsibility. Two individuals can have vastly different experiences in the same setting—one may be joyful, while another may suffer. Part of our spiritual work involves understanding the nature of suffering and learning how to shift from suffering to love. When facing challenging emotions, it is important to avoid blaming others for your feelings. Issues in relationships can be resolved without blame. We encourage healthy communication and conflict resolution. Signing below is required before joining the retreat.

If you need further discussion before agreeing, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will arrange a call with you. We will also send our general liability waiver, which pertains more specifically to the retreat itself. If you are able to accept these responsibilities, please sign below:

I agree to take full responsibility for myself during the Aeracura Collective Retreat, including the time before, during, and after the retreat. I agree to conduct my own research and due diligence. I accept the known and unknown risks involved in a retreat of this nature and understand that Aeracura Collective is not responsible for me in this regard.

Media Consent Form

We at Aeracura Collective like to document the retreat for you, the participants, as well as to attract women of a similar frequency. We are very sensitive to your vulnerability and will always check in with you first if we feel a photo is more vulnerable.

The intention of taking photos or videos is:

a) For you to keep memories.

b) To give future participants a sense of what to expect and a feeling for our retreats.

In general, photography and video are handled by the facilitators or assistants, who are highly sensitive to vulnerability and appropriateness.

Please help us create safety in the area of media by complying with the following:

  • We ask you not to use our group photos for advertising anything that is not Aeracura Collective, and to add a link to Aeracura Collective if you share any photos.

  • Please do not join any posed group photo sessions if you do not wish to be included in published materials.

  • We ask all participants not to take their own photos inside the group space. If you take photos of each other during your free time, please ask for consent from those you photograph.

  • Please do not take any nude photographs that can later be associated with Aeracura Collective.

Please check our Instagram, webpage, and Facebook to see examples of our media:


Please decide clearly what suits you best for this retreat and fill in the form below.

Agreement Form

CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING (and mention as a comment in the form below)

  • [ ] I give consent to have photos or videos include me in them, and I understand that I have the right to request removal if any do not feel good to me.

  • [ ] I would like photos for personal use but not to be part of the group or public photos/videos.

  • [ ] I only want photos in which I cannot be recognised

Liability Waiver and Course Participation Agreement

Aeracura Collective is a brand name operated by Jenny Jessen. Any references to Aeracura Collective in this document refer to the same legal entities.

By reading all the statements contained in this document and ticking the appropriate box, I hereby confirm and accept all its terms, conditions, and statements.

1. Applicant’s Responsibilities, Declaration of Consent to All Risks, and Clarification of Content

I hereby give my consent to participate in and receive instruction in Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Movement Practices, Tantric Bodywork and Massage (including optional intimate touch), Energy Work Training, and any body-related interaction (henceforth “Aeracura Collective Retreat”), and to use massage oils or any other props from Aeracura Collective, its facilitators, assistants, or related personnel (henceforth “Aeracura Collective”). I acknowledge and agree that I am doing so at my own risk. I declare that I am fully aware and accept that my health and safety with respect to such retreat are my sole responsibility. I acknowledge that my participation in any activities with Aeracura Collective may result in bodily injury, discomfort, purification effects, hyperventilation, increased heart rate, emotional releases, and emotional overload, among other effects, up to and including, in extremely rare cases, my own death. My decision to receive training or participate in any courses or activities with Aeracura Collective is voluntary, and I understand and assume any and all risks associated therewith.

1.2. Nudity, Intimate Touch, and Massage

I declare that in full awareness and agreement, I choose to participate in the Aeracura Collective Retreat and am aware and fully accept that these courses may include optional nudity, partial nudity, intimate bodily touch, and full-body touch. I understand that it is my responsibility to assess each situation and decide whether to participate in such activities based on my comfort level and personal boundaries. I agree to take full responsibility for setting and maintaining my own boundaries throughout the sessions.

1.3. Potential Risks and Side Effects of Tao Tantric Energy Work and Body Work

Energy work and body work benefits include pain relief, relaxation, blood pressure moderation, stress reduction, and anxiety management. Certain medical conditions may increase the risk of experiencing negative side effects from massage. If I suffer from any medical condition or another serious illness, I commit to informing Aeracura Collective and consulting my physician before participating in any Aeracura Collective course. If I am pregnant or become aware of my pregnancy before or during the retreat, I agree to consult with a medical advisor before participating in any activities. I further agree to take responsibility for moderating or abstaining from any exercises or practices that may pose a risk to my health or the health of my unborn child. I understand the importance of aligning these activities with my individual needs and boundaries.

1.4. Participant Responsibilities for Travel Arrangements and Health Requirements

I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to make all necessary travel arrangements, including but not limited to transportation, accommodation, and health insurance.

2. Aeracura Collective – All Retreats, Trainings, Workshops

2.1. Declaration of Confidentiality and No Recording Policy

I commit not to record (by means of video, audio, or any other means) the content, teaching materials, lectures, sessions, or any other content or teachings of the Aeracura Collective courses in which I participate without permission. I am aware that if I breach this commitment, I may be expelled immediately from any course with no refund or compensation, and I may become the subject of legal action against myself, as well as incur fines and legal/financial liability for copyright infringement. I also commit not to distribute course materials provided directly to me to anyone, regardless of whether that person/those people may have previously joined Aeracura Collective courses, in any format – whether printed, digital, or based on social media or online content. Unauthorized distribution of Aeracura Collective materials will be considered a breach of this agreement, and perpetrators will be subject to legal repercussions. Additionally, I commit to keep all content of the Aeracura Collective courses in which I participate confidential and to respect the privacy of all participants. Therefore, I will not reveal the identity of other participants or the specifics of their experiences or statements during the courses to anyone in any form, including through social media or other public or non-public options other than official photos/videos or with their permission.

2.2. Aeracura's Right to Refuse Acceptance

I have been informed and accept that Aeracura Collective has the right to refuse my participation or the participation of any person in any of its courses. Furthermore, I am fully aware and accept in advance that Aeracura Collective reserves the right to expel, dismiss, or send home myself or any participant from any of its courses at any time during the course for the following reasons:

  1. Incompatibility/problematic behavior that disrupts course harmony;

  2. Breaking the rule that stipulates no recording of any kind;

  3. Disregarding or breaking any of the other rules of conduct;

  4. Aggressive or disrespectful behavior toward any facilitator, assistant, staff member, or course participant;

  5. Any other disturbing, abnormal, or adverse behavior that negatively impacts the course, the teacher(s)/assistants, or other participants.

Such decisions will not be made lightly. However, if made, these decisions will be at the sole discretion of the course teacher(s) and will be final. I understand and accept that in the case of my expulsion from any Aeracura Collective course, there will be no refund of any kind of my payments by Aeracura Collective at any time. I declare that I am fully aware of the “no refund” policy in case of expulsion from a course, and I agree in advance to withhold any claims for a refund in such an event.

2.3. Declaration of Waiver of Rights

In exchange for receiving the training from Aeracura Collective, I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, executors, administrators, and personal representatives, hereby waive, release, discharge, and hold harmless Aeracura Collective from any and all liability for any and all injuries, including death, damages, or claims relating to or resulting from my participation in Aeracura Collective Workshops, Retreats, courses, or any of its training programs, now or in the future, foreseen or unforeseen. Further, I will indemnify and hold harmless Aeracura Collective from and against any and all claims, rights, damages, liabilities, losses, loss of employment-related costs, and all other costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from or in connection with any injuries to other persons or damage to property caused by or attributed to me.

3. Declaration of Agreement to All Terms

I have read in detail and fully understand this Liability Waiver and Course Participation Agreement regarding my participation in Aeracura Collective Retreat and specifically regarding the benefits, potential risks, and side effects associated with Aeracura Collective courses and training programs, and/or other bodywork or healing sessions done with Aeracura Collective. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the release and indemnification provisions set forth in the preceding paragraphs as well as all other declarations, commitments, and statements within this document, and I agree to and accept all of the terms outlined within this document. By ticking the appropriate box on the relevant online document(s), I hereby apply my signature and confirm my agreement.

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