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Joy held space for me to fully express and connect with myself. 

The ceremony felt like an induction or initiation into sacred knowledge and rites centred around connecting to the earth, my own divinity and our oneness. Through them, I am beginning to learn that there is a subtle and hidden history, not just of women but of the feminine energy in all of us, that in our culture and society has been erased and we have been taught to reject this part of us.

I really felt safe and held in their presence and free to let go - which I feel I haven’t had space to do very often in the past. 

Physically and emotionally I felt a great release and uplifting. I was encouraged to use my voice and body in a way that feels so good! 

I also felt invited to honour and respect myself - especially my feminine energy - in a new way.

Thank you Joy  for this beautiful experience. I look forward to connecting and exchanging with you more.

Lucy, Australia

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