Janne Nyyssönen

This is Janne. He is a foxy hermit deeply immersed in the healing arts within and without. Having unconsciously drifted and consciously steered his inner wheel towards the abyss, crossing it with a tremendous death to the old, he managed to come out on the other side making his way back to wholeness playing his symphony.
A student of the twice born masters. Musician, Writer, Anchor, Folk magician and Astrologer of German, Norse & Saami heritage. A guardian to the feminine rising and fierce advocate for Enrealment.
Being authentic & embodied within a mature and stable container is his aim. Soul ascending Spirit descending. Alchemizing inside the cauldron of your body.
His mission is supporting wholeness not perfection. Getting intimate with your abandoned parts and restoring balance by giving space to soul and push the tender warrioress/warrior within.

He studied Naturopathy in Berlin from 2015 to 2018 and is a trained Herbalist with knowledge in Chinese medicine & Western Astrology.
Currently training in Medical & Archetypal Astrology as well as polyvagal theory, trauma & nervous system awareness. He uses these different tools to merge it into a system that supports you on the path of remembrance and finding balance.

A keen student of Freudian and Jungian perspectives especially of the Jungian shadow and the concept of inner work as well as a versed practitioner of the arts of ritual.

To end with the following words and a wholeheartedly invitation if you feel the call to work with me on your journey to wholeness:

When the heart and the body are united, the alchemical marriage is complete and the play ends. Then we awake from history and enter infinity.

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