Gabrielle Scharnitzky


Energy Detox to step into your God-dess Self
Your Highest Soul Potential

EGO IS “I” THOUGHT. TRUE “I” IS SELF (Ramana Maharshi)

Through the power of energy medicine you will learn to release soul-blockages, ego attachments and old heart-
wounds that are fostering in your energy field, your physical body, your heart and your brain and are unconsciously
drawing you back into old traumas, belief-systems,
substance abuse, thought-and behavioral patterns, genetic
contracts and contracts with other life-times.

Detoxing your energy field immediately raises your vibration, rejuvenates your cells, strengthens your immune-system but most of all feeds your soul and connects you to a deeper level with yourself. By opening the door to the messages of your soul you immediately will experience a shift in awareness, entering the realm of Divine Wisdom that is inherent within you. You will experience a rise of your vibrational frequency that boosts your immune system, rejuvenates your cells, slows down the ageing process but most of all lets you understand who you truly are. By connecting to the energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky, the feminine and masculine in you come into balance. You will learn how to open your “stargate” to Great Spirit, the Source, so you will be able to receive “downloads” of divine wisdom and advise. You will even get clear action steps on what it is you need to do to change your life for the better. l will help you to listen to your Soul - so you can step into your best Self, into your True “I”- the Highest Highest Version of Who You Really ARE - so you can live from a pure, divine and authentic place and do the things that your soul came here to do.


+ Have done a lot of deep transformational work but still feel stuck
+ are ready to change their lives radically to re-experience joy and happiness.
+. really want to grow into the best version of themselves,
+ want to be able to expand their possibilities and attract miracles into their lives
+ Want to help heal the planet from an inner state of abundance and fulfilment.
+ Who feel incapable to live their true potential and attract what they truly desire
+ Who deeply feel frustrated and ashamed about themselves
+ Hide and isolate themselves to not be a burden for others
+ Are filled with deep sadness and Hopelessness, a sense of being paralysed
+ Wake up and go to bed with fear
+ have an urge to expand and know that they have much more “in
store” that wants to be experienced but don’t know how to get there
+ know that Ego needs to be integrated for true lasting change.
+ Are deeply afraid to be punished when they speak their truth
+ Are suffering from the impostor syndrome
+ Have panic attacks
+ Suffering from a deep sense of “not belonging in this world”
+ Consider creative impulses as not good enough and stop themselves in the track.
+ Have Too many ideas and nothing gets done.
+ Consider themselves boring and Are convinced that they have
nothing to offer
+ Feel disconnected from their truth
+ Have lost their inner guidance and faith
+ have lost faith in the goodness of human kind and the universe

NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO are afraid of change

My mission:
The only path to real peace in this world is equality of the feminine and masculine. My mission as a Consciousness Coach and Soul Healer is to liberate souls from thousands of years of old collective burdens and belief systems which are based on the division of feminine and masculine. As liberated beings, illuminated humans, we are able to create harmonious communities and help others on their path of liberation.


Online Group Sessions - 

30 day challenge 

2 x per week


 Kick-off APRIL 2021



Online Group Sessions - 

3 months program 

1 x week

 Kick-off MAY 2021



One-on-One Sessions   

- Deep Karma Cleansing -

- Soul Power Coaching -

1- 6 Months packages 

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