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Felipe Duarte


I found my self holding space for ceremonies and doing energy work by following my intuition since I was very young. I took decisions that always seemed risky to others and went through paths alone that others didn’t dare to walk. It all brought me to learning directly from the wisdom of native indigenous from the Muisca, the Arhuaco and the Kichwa from where I keep learning. Today as a student of Kriya Yoga I find my work in the interconnection between Zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and the Indigenous wisdoms, weaving these knowledge through ceremonies that guide us in a new understanding of our body, our cycles and our cosmos. The cosmos outside as the cosmos within.


Since 2012 I have been visiting the indigenous communities of the Kamentsá (Amazonas – Putumayo), Wiwa (Sierra Nevada – Caribic), Arhuaco (Sierra Nevada – Caribic) and Muisca (Andean Mountains), learning in depth from their traditions and philosophy. I have been invited to live with them and they have shared with me their knowledge about their social structures, their understanding of nature, their medicines, and their philosophy of life. 

In the last year I began a more committed work with these communities as an insider and as a filmmaker. I have been encouraged by them to share their sciences through ceremonies and gatherings, through rituals and through sacred fires. I have been recognized as a Muisca (ancient native from the Cundinamarca and Boyaca regions in Colombia) by their Authorities. Also, the Arhuaco community in Nabusimake, in La Sierra Nevada, has presented me to a sacred tree where we have been accepted by Serankua and Seineken, the greater spirits, to carry their word across the ocean to where I live through a documentary I have been producing in 2020 soon to be released in Europe, hoping for a planetarian unity in understanding that we are all responsible for the Earth and that we need her more than she needs us.

Trailer to A Philosophy of Nature.

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