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Online Event

Online Women's Circle Membership

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Online Women's Circle Membership
Online Women's Circle Membership

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Time is TBD

Online Event

About the Event



Our virtual sisterhood that keeps you aligned with your path and accountable for your own transformation with live gatherings every month. 

There are two circles one is in english and one in german. Please message us your preferred language.

What's included

Are you ready to experience what it feels like to be hold by a strong sisterhood community?

Our monthly intimate circle is you anchor for taking a moment to reflect, share and heal in connection with other women on their path.

Additional we are practicing sacred feminine embodiment practices that leave you revitalized, grounded and inspired.

Different topics every month

Every month offers us a different topic to work on to grow and heal together as sisters.

Thats includes topics as: 

conscious relating, cyclical living, inner child healing, emotional release practices, 

womb healing practices,journal tasks and many more.

Exclusive Telegram Group

In our group chat you are invited to share how you are feeling, what is coming up for you and ask any questions about our practices. 

This virtual temple is here to hold and ground you wherever you are.

Our women's circle membership is right for you if you want to..

Immerse yourself in a transformative community that embraces and celebrates you in your authentic self. 

Experience a sacred space where your journey is honored and supported, as you embark on a profound healing and empowerment of your womb.

Through a fusion of proven practices, body-based techniques, and sacred rituals, we delve deep into the realms of tao tantric arts, embodiment, womb work, and sacred femininity arts. These powerful modalities serve as gateways to awakening and reclaiming your innate wisdom and power.

Within this supportive circle, you will find an anchor—a constant presence that holds and accepts you unconditionally, wherever you may be in life. You will be embraced by a tribe of women who understand the unique beauty and challenges of the feminine experience.

Together, we create a safe container for vulnerability, where emotional processes can be alchemized and transformed. In this sacred journey, we honor and heal the sacred space of your womb—a wellspring of creative energy and intuition.

 Through ancient practices and modern wisdom, we will guide you in reclaiming the fullness of your feminine essence. Together, we will traverse the depths of your being, unlocking your innate power, and reconnecting you with the divine feminine within.​

This transformative experience is an invitation to celebrate and embrace the richness of being a woman. 

It is a space where you can explore and embody the sacred feminine, cultivate self-love, and nurture deep sisterhood connections. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing, allowing you to step into your fullest expression of womanhood.​Note: our group is very intimate, there are only a limited spots of women in our membership, which allows us all to dive deeper together on our healing journey.

Women's Circle Membership Inner Circle €33 includes:

Monthly women's circle Monthly topic and Practices Private Telegram group


What other women say..

"Dearest Jenny, Wow what a fantastic experience with all the great women it was on Monday! Thank you so much for hosting this with your love, energy and holding safe space.  I'm very much interested to go on this adventure as it felt incredibly freeing. I hope I can join your next women's circle as well! Best wishes!"-Ella

"I attended a women's circle led by Jenny. She introduced us to concepts of womb healing and divine feminine and guided us in an energetic practice of Chinese healing sounds, breathing exercises and mantras. I felt very safe in the space she held and discovered a new connection to my womb. At the end of the evening my period pains were gone, magic!"


The women's circle felt like an induction or initiation into sacred knowledge and rites centred around connecting to the earth, my own divinity and our oneness. Through them, I am beginning to learn that there is a subtle and hidden history, not just of women but of the feminine energy in all of us, that in our culture and society has been erased and we have been taught to reject this part of us. I really felt safe and held in their presence and free to let go - which I feel I haven’t had space to do very often in the past.

Physically and emotionally I felt a great release and uplifting. I was encouraged to use my voice and body in a way that feels so good!

I also felt invited to honour and respect myself - especially my feminine energy - in a new way.

Thank you Jenny  for this beautiful experience. I look forward to connecting and exchanging with you more.


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