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Wed, Aug 04


Mastrogiannis Country Retreat

'Back to the origin' Retreat

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'Back to the origin' Retreat
'Back to the origin' Retreat

Time & Location

Aug 04, 2021, 7:00 AM – Aug 08, 2021, 10:00 AM

Mastrogiannis Country Retreat, Kavvadades 490 81, Greece


About the Event


Aeracura 'Back to the origin' Retreat with Joy, Rowan and Felipe

Back to the Origin

We welcome you to join us in this unprecedented retreat aimed to tune into our native divinity. We recognise this process as going ‘back to the origin’. We are bringing together a program combining wisdom of our elder teachers in India and in the Andean Mountains with practices that will guide us into more mindful habits that bring peace, joy and love into our daily life. An important message is that we are nature and nature is us, thus our life rituals need to be in constant communication with the Earth as our extended body and as a mother. We are being called now more than ever to return to our origins, to the womb, to the essence of our existence and the source from where we are native.

Our program will bring new awareness of ancient practices and wisdom that we need to open space so that life within us and on earth can thrive.


A five day retreat, where each day will be focused on understanding one of the five forces elementary to life (fire, water, earth, air, ether). Within this five days we will go deeper into the following areas of wisdom.

Wheel of Medicine

According to our indigenous ancestors and teachers, these elements give form to the Wheel of Medicine. Learning about this wheel will unlock powers within ourselves that are native to our divinity. We are all made of divine consciousness and we have been given free will to choose if we return to the origin, or get lost in Maya -the material duality and illusion of life-. Getting familiar with the Wheel of Medicine unlocks our potential to heal ourselves and take full control of our happiness. We can manifest our dreams and take responsibility of our complete being.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

As duality is manifested into existence we are reminded by our ancient wisdom keepers and teachers to be aware of it without forgetting that everything is part of the magnificent oneness, the unity and supreme spirit. We will discover what we hold as men and women to which we can surrender in order to reach higher dimensions of being in tune with the totality. We will recognise, nurture and share this values through dance, movement and singing. The characteristics of these polarities of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, are also observed in darkness and light, the inner and the outer, the full and the empty, the mother and the father, the manifested and the un-manifested, respectively.

The Womb - Nine dimensions in the Muisca sciences

The Muisca sciences have been kept alive through generations of oral tradition, rituals and wisdom keepers in what is known today as Bogota, Cundinamarca, Boyaca and the central highlands of Colombia. This science speak through songs and stories about the ninth dimensions contained within each one of us. We can explain Indian philosophy of existence also through these nine dimensions, giving relevance to our practices of yoga and meditation, which for the Muisca and other Andean indigenous philosophies are observed as their general daily life rituals in communion and gratitude with nature. By discovering the nine dimensions we will understand mysteries of the womb, the process of pregnancy and birth, how to heal mentally and physically, and how to keep balance in life.

Redefining ancient medicines - Tobacco

Ancient civilizations of Native America (North and South) still understand the power of plants and the sacredness of their use. One of these plants is Tobacco. We will enter a ceremony to connect to its spirit and reevaluate the way we consume it in the west.

The Secrets of Fasting

For those interested in a unique practice of clarity attuning to the energies of the moon we will guide a fasting which will reset us to a higher dimension to which we are all native. This process is also important to reflect the way we live and consume the external energies, and to be in touch with the strengths that our body produces as it is the most advanced technology that exists.

Full Moon Ceremony

In our Full Moon Ceremony we will follow ancient traditions that remind us that our natural state of being is being one with the Earth and one with the Cosmos. A gate will be opened that day in which we are given the opportunity to look inside our selves and understand our body, our emotions, our thoughts and our creative energy.

We will share wisdom from our indigenous grandmothers who remind us how the menstrual cycle and the moon are also connected, and how this cycles are not only affecting women but also men and the community.

Don’t expect magic, miracles, or psychedelic states. Although this can happen, we will enter subtle dimensions which can shift forever the way we behave: our life patterns. We will do this through meditation, music and sharing our vulnerabilities and our strengths in community.

New Rituals and Intuition

Knowledge is according to the western sciences acquired by rational processes. However native wisdom, upon which the west based its medicine and knowledge long ago, is based in intuitive processes. We can relate the rational to the masculine energy and the intuitive to the feminine energy. We are both made of both the Yin-Yang. As we have been raised under a western construct of time and space, so we have a strong attachment to the rational. We will exercise and open new paths to our intuitive channels that bring knowledge of eternal wisdom.

This knowledge is always there, present and infinite for us to reach if we learn how to tune into it. For this tuning, rituals are important. We will learn about the impermanence of life. Only when when we are ready to hug the impermanence, then each moment becomes a ritual. Then we will decide what to manifest according to the rituals we involve in our life.

Walks in Nature surrounded by the Ancient Greek Spirits

Native indigenous in the Americas, Yoguis in India, Zen Masters in China and Monks in Nepal, have been guarding ancient wisdom and have transmitted this orally, through songs, through dances and through practices like meditation and yoga. This wisdom is native to all human beings and exists within everyone of us. Western civilization have the roots of their identity in Greek civilization and its traditions. The praying to the multiple gods which has been buried and ignored for thousands of years by the main Western leaders has harmed our spirit and made it difficult to return to our origin. The still present Indigenous and Indian traditions remind us of the Sun and the Earth as symbols of the magnificence of god. Just as the Ocean and the Skies, the mountains and the Volcanoes. To rediscover our ancestral traditions in Europe we must unbury the wisdom kept in silence in Greece and its mythology. We can do this now in connection to the memory of elders in the Andean mountains and in India, who remind us that all all languages have a symbolical path that brings us back to our native divinity: back to the origin.

We also offer additional trauma release craniosacral therapy and bodywork specialised in helping people with pain relief, emotional issues, mobility issues and chronic pain in joints or muscles.

This will benefit you if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted by life
  • Over-committed to others & in need of rest & rejuvenation
  • Feeling as if you are ‘off your path’ & lacking fulfilment
  • Recovering from, or close to burn-out & adrenal fatigue, experiencing insomnia, depression or anxiety
  • Seeking to learn holistic tools & techniques to manage the challenges of life more easily
  • Ready to embrace your life purpose more fully & looking for clarity & inspiration to achieve this.

What we will learn:

  • A way to awaken our intuition by listening to our deepest voice
  • Ways to take care of our body and mind
  • Understand the power of our thoughts. Where we focus our thoughts we focus energy and we focus life
  • How to be aware of our own patterns and programs.
  • About rituals and how to live our life in celebration and constant connection to our native spirit
  • A 20 minutes morning ritual for your individual needs to take home 

What’ s included:

  • Accommodation
  • Abundant, nourishing, energy-optimising vegan/vegetarian/greek traditional breakfast and lunch (around our beach accomodation are amazing greek restaurants for dinner)
  • Daily meditation,breathwork,yoga,Qi gong
  • Full moon ceremony
  • Sound Healing on the Beach
  • Daily / evening holistic workshops and healing circles
  • 5 Element and Ecstatic Dance
  • Nature walks in the mountains and on the beach
  • Creating your own morning ritual
  • Kirtan and medicine music nights
  • Elemental Rituals

What’ s not  included:

  • Transport from and to the airport Corfu (we are happy to arrange it for you)
  • additional treatments:

Udi Zippgama, a bodyworker for over 20 years specialised in helping people with pain relief,emotional issues, mobility issues and chronic pain in joints or muscles. He is trained and well experienced in a variety of methods including: Osteopathy, Craneotherapy, Meridian Massage, Fascia Release, Breuss/Dorn and Chinese Tui Na. Udi's techniques work on a physical, energetic and emotional level. The aim of the treatments are to help you find an upright posture, relief from pain and a new sense of ease and well-being.

Sonali, a bodyworker specialised in biodynamic craniosacral: a very subtle yet powerful form of holistic treatment, deriving from ostepathy, sustaining the inherent wisdom of the body and its intrinstic capacity of self-healing. The session can sustain postural alignment and joint release, resolve lower back pain, cervical issues, release traumatic cellular memories, address hormonal imbalances, support immune + lymphatic system and reduce stress responses. A precious oppurtunity for self-supportive process, in a space of trust and deep relaxation; where the system can easily open up to real long-lasting healing.

Athanasia: Herbalist, Wild Herb Collector, Energy Healer, Bee-therapy, Beekeeper, Tibetan massage, Cupping cup massage, Qi-massage, founder of "Back to the Roots" : organic 100% natural products for empowering, healing and beauty.

Ku-nye Tibetan massage combined with Cupping therapy techniques

assists on your healing path and well being.

A holistic system to balance and purify the five elements, restoring a harmonious flow of energy and vitality at the meridian channels while it promotes general health and well being by clearing and sharpening the sensory organs and supporting the function of the internal organs. It is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment as well as a preventive measure for illnesses and a supportive treatment in conjunction with other modalities (the person may receive consultation on diet, herbs, and health). It includes techniques such as applying warm organic herbal oils to the body, manual tissue manipulation, deep tissue work, identifying and acting on specific points, mobilizing the joints, and warming the body. Also includes gentle external therapies such as hot or cold herbal compresses, herbal and mineral poultices and application of moxa or cupping. Cupping by its exclusive ability to draw outwards excess fluids and toxins and support a myriad of positive reactions likely to benefit the fascia, supplies the impetus for positive change in a rapid, dynamic and enduring way, while simultaneously pulling in freshly oxygenated blood and nourishing qi. A new cycle begins with the replication of healthier cells turning into healthier systems that leads to wellness, despite age or history.

A fascinating experience where people descend into a profound state of relaxation, with roots that go back to indigenous tribes, ancient greek, chinese, tibetan and arabic cultures. These techniques survived until our days because it is remarkably effective on a big range of possibilities such as respiratory conditions, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, headache, nervous tension, post-injury trauma, cellulite, sluggish colon and many more.

FULL RESIDENTIAL RETREAT PRICE =  Retreat Facilitation costs + Accommodation costs 

(Please get in contact with us if you have financial limitations and still want to assist to our retreat. 

We are happy to find ways to help you)


€ 549 | Early Bird (until 15th of April)

€ 599 | Normal Price


We are offering retreats all year on Corfu. If there are travel restrictions, you can recieve a voucher for the next monthly retreat. If you can't make it at all, there is a 150 € non refundable deposit. 

ACCOMMODATION COSTS (2 options available):

Vrachos Apartments Beachfront

45 € private room / per night 

22.50 € single bed for two people in a shared room / per night

18 € single bed for three people in a shared room / per night

(means you can share with a (new) friend))

Mastrogiannis Country Retreat

Villa price on request

Book your retreat ticket and let us know in the comment field which accommodation type you choose. 

Accommodation cost is paid separately via bank transfer or cash upon arrival.

A longer stay after the retreat program is finished is possible, get in contact with us for that.

Travel Information:

-to enter greece you need a PLF QR Code (for free + application at least 24h before departure)

-negative corona test

PLACES ARE LIMITED – Apply early to secure your spot.

Much love,

Joy and Felipe


  • Early Bird

    This is your retreat ticket. Accommodation is paid separately. Payment Plans are available, please reach out to us if needed (only retreat facilitation costs). 150 € non refundable deposit. If you can't make it you are welcome to join a retreat another date.

    Sale ended
  • Regular Ticket

    This is your retreat ticket. Accommodation is paid separately. Payment Plans are available, please reach out to us if needed (only retreat facilitation costs). 150 € non refundable deposit. If you can't make it you are welcome to join a retreat another date.

    Sale ended



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