Despina Papanicolaou

Despina Som Jyoti holds space for facilitating and cultivating awareness and sustainable wellbeing. She is the creator of the wholesome space, a wellbeing sanctuary that facilitates and nurtures coming back home to the body to connect with the heart’s abundant wisdom and compassion through a variety of centuries old mind-body-heart practices.  In and through the body is the path to the heart of inner wisdom and compassion.


The intention of the wholesome space, is to cultivate awareness, wellbeing & resilience, heartfulness, and conscious living. An integration of practices informed by yoga, mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, sound medicine and the natural world, all of which support connecting  to the body’s natural intelligence through the cultivation of mindbodyheart awareness.


 Yoga and meditation offer the opportunity to create space for inner wisdom and awareness to move through us and when we allow this space, we can start to experience a deeper connection to ourselves and everything around us. It asks us to be aware, to notice, and when we cultivate this skill of noticing through these modalities, we can see how our actions affect ourselves and impact the world around us.


By committing to the journey of wellbeing and caring for our mindbodyheart system and environment we create a sustainable map of conscious living that has far reaching effects.


Despina is a 500hr certified Yoga Teacher, mindfulness practitioner (MBSR) and registered psychologist in South Africa, who has trained and practiced internationally in the UK and India. She teaches different styles of Hatha yoga and Yin yoga and offers a variety of mindfulness informed practices.  

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