Aixa Costa

My name is Aixa Costa, I come from Argentina, I speak spanish and english and I live in Berlín.

I practice the traditional Reiki Usui, I receive the spiritual lineage from Vamzu Jô, a Kind a wise human being and a Reiki Master.

Since more than ten years I practice and experience Reiki, this brings me a deeper perception of life, a spiritual grow and the capacity to help others.

I always thought it was possible to stay healthy our whole life... then with the time life became more challenging, that's when I realize that we needed help to keep our minds and bodies healthy and in harmony!

Reiki is an energy healing therapy based on a simple spiritual principle: " We are all guided by the same invisible force and it controls our physical, mental and emotional well being. When the energy flows freely we are balanced, connected and in power.. When it runs into blockages we create imbalance at physical, mental and emotional levels and we start strugglin. 

So basicaly what Reiki does is channel this universal energy to release blockages and keep the natural flow of the vital force through your entire body system, the effect of this is that you feel in calm, centered, empowered and healthy.

Reiki is not limited by distance that means I can send energy healing anywhere you are. This subtle energy surrounds all life and restores the natural ability to heal.

... There is so much love and joy even when some times we can not see it.

... The universe is infinite even if our perception is limited.

... Energy is what keeps all of us together in perfect harmony!!!

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