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Luxury Women's Retreat
in French Riviera 2023

feminine blossoming

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beloved Sister..


 Do you want to learn about navigating this world through tapping into your feminine energy?

• Do you find yourself struggling with living in your head a lot?

• Are you craving for more connection with your body?

• Are you craving for a shift and change in your life?

• Are you willing to fully say YES to your expression and life?

• Are you sometimes struggling with the feeling of not being good enough?

• Do you feel like it’s difficult to set boundaries?

• Are you longing for deep nourishment?

• Is your inner voice supporting you or rather pulling you down?

• Are you ready to express yourself authentically on every level?


 If yes..  then this transformational journey is for you.


We invite you to a temple space that allows you to heal on many different layers.

Practices and the rituals that we offer help you to fully release what is standing in your way to show your true nature to this world. Through connecting and deepening the connection with your feminine essence, your life will flow with more ease and grace.

This is a deep initiation to learning how to nourish your true self and how to be held by

a circle of women.

          What will you receive from this Retreat? 

• Deep nourishment, deep healing; connection with your femininity

• Sisterhood for life;

• Professional elegant portraits of yourself;

• Readiness to dive deeper into your spiritual path;

• Healing emotional issues in a safe and compassionate space;

• Empowering practices that allow you to stand in your power and sovereignty;

• Voice healing and opening to share your authentic expression; 

• Simple take home practices that allow you to continuing your journey;

• These practices will make your full being feel alive, full of pleasure and

   desire to say 100% yes to life.

Sep 01, 2023, 10:00 AM – Sep 06, 2023, 10:00 AM
French Riviera, France

Your Facilitators

Jenny Jessen

Jenny Jessen has been devoting the last seven years of her life into deep studies of cultural anthropology, energy medicine and healing arts. She is a guide for transformational experiences, ceremony, ritual and sacred femininity arts. Her approach is always artistic and intuitive based on her background as a performer and artist. In Ceremony she connects ancient ritual art with yogic, egyptian, daoist and shamanic approaches. 

Jenny has been hosting Community Ceremonies around the globe - in Greece, India, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Bali for Festivals and Retreats for four years.

"A holistic future and wellbeing starts with women having healthy and strong wombs. Feeling strongly anchored and connected to their womb, hearts and voice. When women connect and heal in circles together- the earth heals."

 Gerda Carina

Gerda Carina is an international Elegant Style portrait photographer. Her roots come from Estonia but she has been a traveling photographer over a decade now. She is currently based in Monaco.

Photography found its way into her life when she was 12 years old.

She built her career up in Europe, mostly in London, where she worked with various magazines, brands, artists, fashion designers and numerous known creatives.

One of her missions is to empower men and women through capturing them on timeless portraits which will change the way they see themselves. 

The whole experience will make them feel and look like a magazine coverstar while still mirroring their authenticity and soul in the photograph. 

gerda_luxury_Retreat_1080x1080px (1).jpg
Sep 01, 2023, 10:00 AM – Sep 06, 2023, 10:00 AM
French Riviera, France
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“Thank you Jenny for creating such a sacred space, where everyone can feel safe to share the deepest experiences and for the opportunity of being such a support one for each other in the healing and self discovery process. By creating awareness in our bodies, the sense of togetherness, connecting at the higher vibrational level, to support each other in every process that it might take place, but also having the space to immerse yourself into the healing process is something that the modern world needs more and this is what Jenny facilitate through her women circles. Besides her pure healing energy, it’s much more than that, it’s ancient wisdom, it’s art, creativity and empowerment.” I couldn’t be anything, but grateful to meet such beautiful souls and to integrate some techniques in my daily routine.”


Sandy Williams

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