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Aeracura collective is a community of healing artists

We offer creative and conscious experiences in events, festivals and retreats to participate in the transformative power of healing arts. We offer Ceremonies, Women's & Men's Circles, Singing Circles, Tao Tantric Arts, Yoga, Qi Gong, Breathwork, Energy Medicine Healing, Fire Ceremonies, Sweatlodges, Ecstatic Dance and Priestess Arts.

We also support elders of various indigenous communities with co-facilitating retreats and initiating fundraisers.


Fundraiser Campaign by Aeracura Collective

Welcome dear ones,


We have hosted Ayaní last autumn in Germany for ceremonies. It has been her first travel to Europe to share her wisdom and medicine. Ayani has touched our hearts so deeply and her medicine healed us so much. Our wish is to support her in the best way so that the rainforest can be preserved and also that as many people as possible can heal through her medicine and culture.


Ayani invited Jenny to the rainforest to study with her for some time. Her wish is to raise enough money for her to purchase land and to be independent. 

This funding campaign is created together with Jo, who has been studying many years with the Huni kuins and is supporting her when she is traveling and holding ceremonies abroad. All of the raised money will be transparently transferred directly to Ayani. You are welcome to follow our newsletter at Aeracura Collective for further updates regarding our Fundraiser. Ayaní and Ikamuru will return to Europe next Summer and we will host some ceremonies together. You are very welcome to join us.





Ayaní is the daughter of the shaman Agostinho Ikamuru and learned about the plants and diets from her father. She was the first woman to travel representing the Huni Kuï culture outside the villages. She has participated in art exhibits, women's retreats and other events throughout Brazil and Europe. Ayani is a master Huni Kuin artisan in the arts of beading.

"My father was one of the traditional knowledgeable people of the spiritual world of the Huni Kuin people and was one of the teachers of the spiritual force. He left his legacy of the teachings of his forest people.
Ikamuru's dream continue to learn, teach, maintain and value our traditional knowledge with our brothers, children and grandchildren with other shamans being received by our friends and partners.
I am one of the warrior women, artist, teacher of Pajé. Study to learn with nature, to maintain the value of our traditional culture. Thus I search for more knowledge and support to implant a hollow house of handicrafts in my community. This is my proposal, this is my search for reality this is my dream to improve and realize my goal.
We can do something: The best way to protect the Huni Kuin and their home, the rainforest, is through private land purchases."

With your donation, the Huni Kuin will be able to acquire land in the community of Jordão with a locally founded association and create a real protected area for the forest and its inhabitants. The first purchase concerns an area of 17.000 hectares.


We have created an interview with Ayani and her nephew, its in Portuguese but soon will be translate with subtitles. 


Thank you so much for your support,


Jenny, Jo and Ayani 

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